I have acted in over 200 audio projects from video games and film to animations and radio plays.

I have recorded nearly 30 commercial tags for Comcast, Minnesota lending voice to promotional spots such as MTV Music Awards for Master's Recording Institute, Subway, and Cadillac.

I voiced Soldak Entertainment's critically acclaimed games Din's Curse, it's expansion Demon War, and Kivi's Underworld, as well as creating and all the new sound effects and music for Din's Curse.

I voiced to all the male character's for the Millie Megavolte Series (now a Facebook Game).

I have acted in over 100 animations, including as the narrator for Machinima.com and Pandemic Studio's Lord of the Ring Series.

I have acted in 3 independent films including the Feature Length "Art of War."

To date, I have been nominated for two acting awards, including best male actor.

I also currently teach Audio for Games at IPR in Minneapolis, Minnesota.